SoCal Golf Guys Referral Program

Thank you for your sharing your experiences with SoCal Golf Guys Players Club with your golf buddies!

To show our appreciation, we are offering a $10 Tournament Credit for every friend you refer. To qualify for the $10 Credit, the player you refer must be a new member in 2018, or returning after at least one year away. Final determination on eligibility will be determined by the staff of SoCal Golf Guys. Full rules for the Referral Program is available below the Referral Form. Please fill out form completely.

After we recieve your request, register for any SCGG Tournament. You will automatically receive a $10 refund on your next event!

Thanks for referring your friends to the SoCal Golf Guys Players Club!

Referral Program Rules

1) Referral Credits may be requested by any 2017 SoCal Golf Guys Players Club Member, towards any player that was not a Member of SoCal Golf Guys Players Club at any time during the 2017 Season.
2) If a member in previous years rejoins the SoCal Golf Guys Players Club after not participating in the immediate previous season, a Referral Credit may be claimed.
3) One credit may be claimed per Tournament or Travel Event.
4) Any additional referrals will be granted Merchandise Credits to be used in the Golf Shop at
5) Tournament Credits may be used on Merchandise in the SoCal Golf Guys Shop instead of Tournament Participation. Email to get your credits transferred to Proshop Credit.